Company formation (or company registration) is the process of creating and registering your company in the UK.

But what kind of company are you planning to be? Will you be a partnership, a limited company, a PLC or are you still not sure which route is the best for your new business to travel down?

Tailored Accounts has helped people across all backgrounds and industries to form their companies and make them compliant with UK law.

Tailored Accounts will work alongside you to identify what your business offers and the type of company it would be best trading as.

Tailored Accounts will also take you through the registration process and the forms, whether forming by paper or electronically.

Registering a new business can be a complicated affair. Tailored Accounts will be with you every step of the way and can also offer post-registration services such as bookkeeping, payroll and much more besides.

Once your company is formed Tailored Accounts will work alongside you in a transparent manner to get your business on an even-footing and keep it there.

If you need assistance with company formation contact Tailored Accounts today to find out more about how our financial experts can help.