Missing a self assessment deadline can result in fines of £100 and if a tax return is not filed within three months of the deadline it can rise to as much as £900. This means it’s vital to keep accounts in order to avoid unwanted fees.

If you are self-employed you must declare all of your income and claim tax allowances so that HMRC can calculate how much tax is owed for each financial year. However, how much you pay as part of a self-assessment tax return is based on a number of factors and filling out a self-assessment tax return can be a complex task.

Tailored Accounts offers a fully-managed self-assessment service for people who are self-employed, higher rate tax payers and company directors. Our fully comprehensive solution ensures you will never miss a self-assessment deadline.

Tailored Accounts can gather all the data needed to calculate your tax liability, advise on what payments are due in advance of deadlines and offer solutions to help an individual save on tax.

For more information about our self-assessment account solutions contact Tailored Accounts today. Placing your self-assessment tax in our hands means you can focus on your business instead of time-consuming red tape.

Our professional team has extensive experience compiling self-assessment tax returns. We provide a friendly, professional service to help you get the most out of your business, so get in touch now to see how we can help.