If you are in the construction industry or your business has a high annual spend on construction your tax returns must comply with the HMRC’s Construction Industry Scheme (CIS).

The CIS is a set of rules designed to show how subcontractors for construction work are paid and the tax implications for contractors.

Tailored Accounts can check whether CIS applies to you as a contractor or a subcontractor. We can guide you through the registration process, checking subcontractors are registered and paying subcontractors.

Tailored Accounts will compile and submit monthly returns for CIS as part of our professional service to ensure you will not be caught out when it comes to contracting in the construction industry.

Our service will help you to stay on top of CIS payments and organise your finances so that you don’t need to worry about it.  We have extensive experience completing tax returns for those in the CIS and we can provide a comprehensive service for a business that wishes to comply with HMRC’s guidelines.

If you are a business in the construction industry or spend a significant amount on construction contact Tailored Accountants today about outsourcing your accounts to our professional team of financial experts.